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'Well done Mamu...': Ode to Mamu brings to fore Bhopali culture, spellbinds audiences

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Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

BHOPAL: 'Well done Mamu, well done', a play that centres on the life of 'Mamu' that was staged in Bharat Bhavan on Wednesdy evening, kept the audience spellbound.

Either it was the language or the costumes, the play successfully portrays the culture and lifestyle of the walled city.

No wonder, when the 2hr 15 minute long drama ended, there was standing ovation from everyone in the auditorium and never-ending claps for the performances.

'Well done Mamu, well done', is of course about the ubiquitous Hamidullah Khan Mamu. It's about a man who was known for his love for liquor but underwent a transformation and now is the centre of all happenings in Bhopal--from art and culture to sports.

Mamu is immensely popular in Bhopal and hence is also called when someone is in trouble. A newly married couple's marriage is on the brink. Bitto and Nadira along with other members of both the families are worried.

Now 'Khala' decides that she won't let the couple take a drastic decision just because of minor misunderstandings and hearsay.

And when Khala takes up something in her hands, it has to be resolved. From here the artistes take you to a different world.

The memorable dialogues in Bhopali Urdu and its unique accent that are now getting confined to households in the walled city, made it a treat to watch.

Eminent playright Rafi Shabbir wrote the play, which was ably directed by Farrukh Sher Khan. In the over two hour play, it is ensured that there is no dull moment. The script is perfect and the artistes get into the skin of the characters.

Mamu's occasion entries, his recall of Taj Bhopali's poetry and rendition of Kaif Bhopali's verses, and a poetry contest at the end captivate the crowd. In between, there is a jibe at a section of media for sensationalizing incidents.

Earlier, Pratik Sahdev rendered a Sufi song, which was followed by the play. It was the first day of the event 'Jashn-e-Mamu' that was held in Bharat Bhavan. More programmes are being held as part of the event.