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Woman who committed suicide in Bhopal mall was upset that husband couldn't drive

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BHOPAL: The woman Renuka Mittal who jumped to death from DB mall in Bhopal, had written a suicide note before ending her life. 

In the note, she mentioned that she was upset as her mother-in-law didn't support her and instead favoured her sister-in-law.

She also wrote that her businessman husband didn't drive car or two-wheeler and hence she had to go out alone. 

"He either walks or takes a bus. I can't go to market with him as he doesn't drive four-wheeler or even a bike. I feel down and my prestige affected in the society because of this reason", she wrote in the letter which she had posted to police. 

The letter has now reached the Kotwali police. The long letter lists her complaints but doesn't mentioned any physical harassment or any dowry demand. She wrote that she worked and even gave water to saplings but  her sister-in-law didn't do it.

Renuka felt that she was victimised and not given due respect, compared to her sister-in-law. The long suicide note is now being examined. It is not clear if the charges can lead to criminal case against her mother-in-law because she hasn't mentioned any threat, domestic abuse or torture.

She had gone to the mall with her six-year-old daughter. She left the kid in the play zone, walked towards railing and then jumped. She was taken to hospital where she died. The police are conducting investigation in the case.