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Women locomotive pilots, guard steer passenger train through Madhya Pradesh

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BHOPAL: The train reached Amla railway station like normal days but there was a major difference.

It was steered by women--both the locomotive drivers who were in the engine.

Further, the guard who showing the green-red light, was also a woman.

This was a first such instance--all women crew in engine, along with the guard. The Nagpur-Jhansi Passenger covers three states. It starts from Maharashtra, passes through Madhya Pradesh and culminates its journey in Jhansi, which falls in Uttar Pradesh.

When the train reached in MP, women staffers at Amla station garlanded the women locopilots and guard. As the train entered the railway station, passengers also seemed impressed with the sight.

The locomotive pilot Madhuri Urade said that she had earlier steered only the goods train. "I am feeling really happy to have got the duty on the passenger train", she said.

That's definitely a quantum leap when it comes to women empowerment in India. At almost all the levels, women have been slowly making their way into it. From ground level and jobs that were considered tough for women, it is no longer a male's domain in India.